The concept of Gemini is one that is original, but perhaps not best executed by creator Jay Faerber.

[easyazon_link identifier=”1534300236″ locale=”US” tag=”bounintocomi-20″]Gemini: The Complete Series[/easyazon_link], is about a superhero whose identity is so secretive that even he doesn’t know it. Or at least that is the promotional description given about the comic.

It is an interesting idea to say the least, but the trade paperback mostly doesn’t deliver. Filled with a shadow organization, and rock em sock em action; there is so much that could have been said in the pages of the comic. But is all mostly ignored.

Philosophical concepts about morality and the duality of man would have been perfectly suited for this particular concept. The book itself even, could have been about the corrupting power of shadow organizations and money.

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Instead, the book feels largely deflated, seeking to compromise to be a generic read that neither condemns nor condones the actions taken against Gemini. The very enemy seeking to take away Gemini’s humanity is also the true hero of the story. In the end, the organization that was manipulating Gemini’s thoughts create a scenario where all parties involved leave feeling happy.

A nice fairy tale, but not a satisfying conclusion to say the least.

The art wasn’t difficult to look at, but at the same time you won’t marvel at it either. Stylistically, the Gemini artwork feels outdated. The characters look like hyper muscled manga characters, which at the time of original publication for the series may have been en vogue, but today lacks originality. Instead the art feels like a poor man’s Joe Mad comic book, minus one buxom redhead. In a series of manga inspired artists this comic doesn’t stand out.

The Verdict

Both the art and story in Gemini weren’t very satisfying. It tried too hard to end with a happy ending, that it left me not feeling too happy. Rather it was more of an annoyance. Gemini never was threatened, he only thought that he was, which doesn’t make for a compelling read. The action was fun, but that was about it.

Comic Book Review: Gemini
  • Cool Concept
  • Good Action
  • Story didn't deliver
  • Leaves the more interesting concepts unexplored
  • Artwork looks outdated for the time
6Overall Score
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