Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is teaming up with Dark Horse for not only a brand-new comic series but other Dark Horse designed products.

MST3K co-creator Joel Hodgson recently ran a successful KickStarter raising over $6 million for brand new episodes of the cult comedy show and other licensed products.

The cult comedy show details the life of a motley crew of a human host and his two robot sidekicks aboard the Satellite of Love. The catch is the human host has been trapped by mad scientists and forced to watch the “most outrageously unfortunate B movies ever created.” In order to stay sane, he builds two robot sidekicks and gives running commentary on the films, making fun of them with delightful and witty wisecracks.

Dark Horse’s VP of publishing, Randy Stradley, is overjoyed to be at the helm of working with MST3K. “I first encountered the show in 1992, and immediately fell in love with both the concept and the characters,” said Stradley. “I began inquiring about the license in 1993, and now—a mere twenty-four years later—we have Comics Sign!”

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