Justice League Unlimited might be the best animated superhero cartoon we have ever witnessed. The series had a number of iconic moments whether it was the Question and Huntress fighting Green Arrow and Black Canary or Batman being there for Ace as she spends her last moments on Earth.

But one of the greatest scenes is when Superman takes on Captain Marvel.

You are probably thinking, Captain Marvel and Superman fighting – what could have caused that? Was Superman being brainwashed or exposed to red kryptonite? Nope.

What really caused this epic fight was Superman’s extreme paranoia towards Lex Luthor and his new developmental real estate park that houses a Kyrptonite engine with lead shielding below ground.

Superman, not trusting Luthor’s explanations, decides to punch his way below ground. Captain Marvel believes this is not how a hero should act and stands up for Luthor and his property.

What ensues is massive property destruction and a knock out drag out fight that is one for the ages:

I can watch this fight all day and I hope we eventually get to see these two titans duking it out in live action.

I was definitely pulling for Captain Marvel in this situation even knowing Luthor’s vile motivations.