Comichron has released its monthly sales data for January and the results are to be expected although as Comichron notes “Marvel offer[ed] retailers a free 10% overship on its titles.” This 10% overship resulted in “fully 84 of Marvel’s 91 entries in the Top 300 [to] have dollar rankings that are worse than we’d expect to see had all their copies all shipped at the regular discounts.”

In fact, as a “result of the extra copies…Marvel’s unit share was six points higher than its dollar share. Overall, the addition resulted in 7.57 million copies being shipped in the month.”

So let’s get to the Top 10. Mind you we are specifically looking at number of comics shipped and did not alter Comichron’s estimated units to factor in the overship. The reason being is because it’s quite possible local shops were still able to sell the extra comics. And these comics are in circulation.

1. U.S. Avengers #1

U.S. Avengers #1

Cover by Paco Medina

It’s not surprising that a Marvel #1 title with Avengers in its name is #1. It’s still one of the biggest brands out there and that #1 can definitely pique the interest of collectors. I don’t expect to see it in the #1 slot come next month as there is typically significant drop-off between #1 and #2. To top it off, This book featured a individual variant covers for each state.

2. Batman #14

Batman #14

Once again, Batman in the 2nd spot is not surprising. The series has an average score on Comic Book Roundup of 8. And has been a consistent top performer.

3. Batman #15

Batman #15

With DC putting out two issues a month it’s no surprise to see #15 right behind #14.

4. Justice League/Power Rangers #1

Justice League Power Rangers #1

Another #1 and a crossover to boot featuring two major franchises that will see major motion pictures this year. It’s not a surprise to see it near the top of list.

5. The Walking Dead #162

The Walking Dead #162

The Walking Dead is always at the top of the list. This issue closed out the “The Whisperer War” story arc.

6. All-Star Batman #6

All-Star Batman #6

It’s Batman and Scott Snyder and with an average series rating of 8.3 it’s no wonder it’s a top performer.

7. Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #3

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #3

It’s one of DC’s biggest biggest crossovers showcasing two of their largest properties going head to head while also introducing some classic characters we haven’t seen in awhile. The series also boasts a 7.9 average on Comic Book Roundup.

8. Monsters Unleashed #1

Monsters Unleashed #1

Monsters invade the Marvel Universe and who will be there to combat them? Pretty much every team you can imagine from the Marvel Universe. And it features some top talent with Cullen Bunn and Steve McNiven. Of course it’s in the top 10.

9. Amazing Spider-Man #23

Amazing Spider-Man #23

Gwen Stacy returns, but she is no in league with The Jackal. It’s a premise that will have any Spidey fan hitting the shop to see how this story will unfold. It’s also a Clone Conspiracy tie-in! The series has a 7.1 average on Comic Book Round Up.

10. Justice League #12

Justice League #12

While the series has a subpar score of 6.8 on Comic Book Round Up, this issue diverges from Bryan Hitch’s run. Tim Seeley takes over scripting duty with Christian Duce on art work to put together a Justice League vs. Suicide Squad tie-in issue which one can reasonably surmise boosted this book into the top 10!

What were your Top 10 Books for January?

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