Marvel’s Iron Fist stormed out of the gate today with a package of treats today which includes a motion poster of Danny channeling his chi, and a featurette that gives us our first real good look at the title character, Danny Rand also known as Iron Fist.

Take a look at the motion poster:

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The featurette centers around Danny Rand played by Finn Jones and sees Danny return to his home in New York City. And it explains why we haven’t seen Danny yet – he’s been gone for fifteen years and people believed him to be dead.

This sends shock-waves through his family’s company, Rand Enterprises. If that isn’t enough, a criminal organization going by “The Hand,” who we last saw at the end of Daredevil Season 2, warns Danny that the city has no place for the Iron Fist.


The series is slated for a total of 13 episodes this season and introduces us to the last of the Defenders. The show debuts on March 17th on Netflix!

Are you excited about Iron Fist? What do you think his full costume will look like? Will we have to wait til the end of the season like Daredevil?

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