The Marvel Universe will be no more! This June, the symbiote’s tentacles will ensare the entire Marvel Universe turning it into the Venomverse!

The madness begins in Edge of Venomverse, a new 5-issue series spinning out of Venom and the Venomized Variant Program which begins this month.

The new in-continuity series will see the return of Eddie Brock, but he won’t be the only one back in black.

The sinister symbiotes will wreak havoc and wanton destruction throughout the entire Marvel Universe. The new series will see a number of popular characters fall prey to the symbiotes to create dream match-ups for fans. The entire Marvel Universe will play host to an army of Venomized heroes.

Judging by the promo image we can definitely expect to see X-23, Wolverine, Deadpool, Ghost Rider, and Iron Man fall prey to the symbiotes.

Find out who else will fall to the sinister symbiotes this June!

No creators have been announced for this project as of yet, but Marvel promises it will feature our favorites!