Marvel will ramp up their comic book advertising by placing ads ahead of blockbuster films and airing them on broadcast TV channels. They hope to attract TV and movie fans to visit local comic book shops and retailers.

Beginning this weekend, Marvel will have pre-trailer advertisements before some of the biggest 2017 releases. Some of these ads will feature Marvel’s “Secret Empire” event. In fact, “Secret Empire” will definitely be promoted ahead of select screenings of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which debuts May 5th.

You can see an example of what one of these pre-trailer advertisements might look like above.

Marvel will then head to the small screen with dedicated TV advertising and promotions. The ads will be featured on ABC and other broadcast networks. Not only will their be dedicated advertising spots, but there will also be on-air interviews. These ads promise to focus on “Secret Empire” as well as the new X-Men books.