I am a weapon of destruction, of toxicity, oppression, and fear. As an overweight computer geek of 44 years, this was certainly news to me. I guess I should accept it, keep my gaze on the ground as to not strike fear into other attendees. Next year, I will get the yellow sticker and wear it on my forehead so others will know I am not at comic con to cause harm.

After three days of diversity panels at Emerald City Comicon 2017, that is the message you take away. I will not go into what was said at each panel in detail, because they are a mess of SJW belief, and a heck of a lot of science denial. The SJW belief system substitutes humanities (women’s studies, gender studies, etc.) for science. You see this over and over, a complete and utter disregard for biology, psychology, and sociology, and instead a narrative that is nothing short of dogmatic.

You see a reality presented that doesn’t exist, where there are Nazis lurking in every White CIS Male, and the patriarchy is moments away from enslaving women. It’s one thing to read people espousing these boogeyman beliefs, but it’s another altogether to see grown men and women say it. The disconnect between their view of the world and reality is disturbing. How can they walk through comic con with so many white males, CIS or not, and NOT see Nazis, yet think there are Nazis lurking around the corner?

The PC hysteria was so pervasive, at one point; someone asked how to include diversity into their work to add to the story not just to be “diverse.” A professional psychologist said, “Just don’t have the women serve a CIS white male.” What? So they can server a CIS black male? How about a gay white male? The same panel said “Iron man shoots dicks out of his hand,” and “Thor is literally holding a dick,” yet both of those characters are women now. Are they still shooting or holdings dicks? The end of the panel included a recommended reading list of gay coming of age comics, sex comics, etc. How are the two comparable? How can a rational person recommend a comic about sex toys as an alternative to Superman?

In all these panels, I did not see any disagreement between panelists, they were ideological clones of each other. Ultimately, I think that is the problem with these panels, because they lack any ideological diversity, they all wind up saying the same things, and start to feel like a group therapy for SJWs. They could be interesting if they had intellectually rigorous adults. However, reason and emotion rarely can coexist, and these panels are all emotion.

Make no mistake, if Superman were created by those on these panels, he would be a racist, bible thumping, sexist, homophobic, and xenophobic villain simply because he was a white CIS male from middle America.

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