“Does it feel, do you imagine … like an ending? The close of a tale … seems such a terminal thing. Endings. They hold the sweet promise of resolution … while concealing the monsters you’ve still left to slay!”

One of the best miniseries on the shelf right now comes to a close as He-Man and Lion-O return to Eternia to find Castle Grayskull breached by Mummator!

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[easyazon_link identifier=”B06VWGJX5Q” locale=”US” tag=”bounintocomi-20″]He-Man/ThunderCats #6[/easyazon_link]’s story is as exciting an ending as you can get. Writers Rob David and Lloyd Goldfine along with artist Freddie E. Williams II pack everything into this final issue. There are epic fight sequences, super power ups, dimensional travel, and powerful emotional moments.

The story reads at a breakneck pace with action on almost every page and panel. And that’s just the way it should be as two of the greatest heroes of all time face off against two of the most evil beings ever. David and Goldfine allow Williams to really stretch his artistic talents by taking our heroes and villain through a multidimensional journey.

He-Man/ThunderCats #6

While this multidimensional journey showcases Williams’ talents, it does lead David and Goldfine to change up the tone in their dialogue. It no longer reads as a serious tale, but rather a touch cartoonish. Grant it there are some serious aspects in it, but when you have Lion-O making notes to himself it’s hard to take the battle seriously. It also is completely out of tone with the previous five issues. It’s a pretty big departure to have this occur in the last issue.

Other parts of the dialogue are well done. Mummator’s over the top one-liners fit his character perfectly. “You underestimate the scope of our vision! Our will! And our power!” That dialogue screams classic evil, power-hungry bad guy.

David and Goldfine continue to use the extended narration to great effect. They are able to match up the narration to the dialogue and Williams’ images perfectly while also keeping who the narrator is a mystery until the end. It’s really a unique touch, one in which they really excel.

He-Man/ThunderCats #6

The multidimensional aspect of the story serves as the perfect way to hit on some truly powerful emotions. He-Man and Lion-O get to experience a variety of worlds that toy with their emotions both positively and negatively. It also showcases their hearts’ desires. It’s a great plot device that also serves to develop and deepen the characters.

As far as Freddie Williams’ artwork, what is there to say that hasn’t been said before? It’s absolutely fantastic. He mixes up the action scenes giving you different looks on every page and panel. The multidimensional aspect of the story allows him to literally give us glimpses of multiple worlds and he pulls it off exceptionally. Each dimension has its own unique look that separates it from the other.

He-Man/ThunderCats #6

The Verdict

He-Man/ThunderCats #6 is an epic ending to one of the best miniseries on the shelves. This issue has it all from action-packed combat scenes to powerful emotional moments. Williams’ artwork is phenomenal. If there was one thing to knock, it was the shift in the tone of the dialogue. It can really drop you out of the story.

Comic Book Review: He-Man/ThunderCats #6
  • Great use of the multidimensional travel
  • Exciting action sequences
  • Mummator
  • Cartoonish tone to the dialogue
8Overall Score
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