Angry Feminists Get Upset Over Latest Wonder Woman Trailer!

Angry feminists are really upset about the latest Wonder Woman trailer which debuted last week. The trailer gave us a look into Diana Prince’s origin and her journey to London.

The trailer itself isn’t what feminists are upset about, it’s a couple of scenes where Gal Gadot who portrays Wonder Woman raises her arms and showcases her armpits. They are upset about Wonder Woman’s armpits! You can see Wonder Woman’s clean armpits around the 30 second mark, the 43 second mark, the 1:41 mark, and the 2:06 mark. You can also see another Amazonian’s barren armpits at the 32 second mark.

These few brief seconds were enough to trigger feminists.

Marissa Martinelli at Slate was so triggered by the hairless Gal Gadot that she wrote an entire article about it, “What’s Going on With Gal Gadot’s Armpits in the Wonder Woman Trailer?

Martinelli didn’t even go where most of the outraged Twitter users went. She goes into absolute cuckoo land and believes Gal Gadot’s armpits are somehow being censored because America can’t handle it.

This is really her theory.

The simpler answer is that Gadot’s already-silky pits were probably digitally bleached in postproduction, perhaps out of fear that we as moviegoers aren’t ready to see the creases of a woman’s unobscured armpit in close-up.

Where do they find these people to come up with these absolute ridiculous theories? America isn’t ready to see a woman’s armpits? What?!? This is just absolute hogwash.

First off most women have seen other women’s armpits – it’s called the high school locker room. And has Marissa been to a beach in the past say 50 years or more? Plenty of women’s armpits on display there. Hell, maybe go to any kind of store during the summer; women wear tank tops!

Some twitter users had their fun with the feminist outrage and even pointed out some of their rank hypocrisy.

And you want to talk about comic book accurate, just take a look at the very first issue of Wonder Woman from July 22, 1942. Cover artist Harry G. Peter gives you a full shot of Wonder Woman’s armpits.

Wonder Woman #1

Most of the people complaining, probably have never picked up a comic in their life. I’d be surprised if Slate’s Marissa Martinelli has ever read a comic book, let alone one about Wonder Woman. And I mean, Warner Bros. delivered an awesome trailer – and you are going to complain about armpits? Jesus. Get a job and find something to occupy your mind because you obviously have too much time on your hands.

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