Following the close of Lazarus’ fifth arc, Greg Rucka and Michael Lark will release Lazarus Sourcebook #2: Hock this April.

The Lazaurus Sourcebook #2: Hock will feature contributions not only from Rucka and Lark, but Eric Trautmann, Neal Bailey, David Brothers, Robert Mackenzie, and Dave Walker.

This new sourcebook will focus on the Hock family. It will take us to just after the ending of The Cull. The Hock family is as determined and vicious as ever. And you will get a front row seat as you travel to the lands east of the Mississippi. Doctor Hock has the prescription to cure all of your ills…if you can survive the treatment.

“All of us were a little overwhelmed with the response we received on the first Sourcebook—about the Carlyle Family,” said Rucka. “We knew we wanted to do more of them when we were working on that one, and now that the opportunity has come, Hock was obvious to be next. Whether or not the Carlyle Family are the ‘good guys’ is an open question, but I think everyone agrees that Hock is decidedly ‘bad.’”

Rucka continued: “Well, now we’re just gonna complicate things a little more! And it’s been amazing fun getting into the nuts and bolts of Hock’s drug-controlled, Big Brother-esque state. This one goes pretty dark, but as with almost everything LAZARUS, it’s also—I think, at least—disturbingly funny.”

“There is so much that we put into each issue of LAZARUS that no one ever gets a chance to see,” said Lark. “Especially in the world of Hock, there were so many things that Eric designed that never saw the light of day. So hopefully it will be a real treat for the readers to get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes work that went into creating the look and feel of the world of Hock. You may even find out why Greg and I spent an entire evening convulsed with laughter over Eric’s designs for the signage in Hock’s buildings!”

Lazarus Sourcebook #2: Hock hits comic book shelves on Wednesday, April 26th. The Final order cutoff for comics retailers is Monday, April 3rd.