Over the last couple of weeks, a few names have been floating around the internet of those on the short list to play Cable in the upcoming Deadpool sequel. One of those was Stranger Things actor David Harbour. However, there might be a new front runner for the role. According to The Hollywood Reporter Michael Shannon is the new frontrunner to play Cable.

Michael Shannon is best known by comic book movie fans for his role as General Zod in Man of Steel. However, he also starred in Jonah Hex. If Shannon gets the role he will co-star opposite Ryan Reynolds who is reprising his role as the merc with the mouth, Deadpool, as well as Zazie Beetz who will be playing Domino.

Cable first appeared in The New Mutants #87 as a creation of Rob Liefeld and Louise Simonson. However, Chris Claremont introduced the character four years earlier in Uncanny X-Men #201. In that issue he was just a newborn infant. It wasn’t until Cable #6 that it was confirmed that Cable was the son of Scott Summers. Cable has a long history pairing opposite Deadpool. The two are pretty much perfect opposites with Cable being extremely serious as well as a strong leader who is used to being obeyed. Meanwhile, Deadpool sticks his thumb at authority and cracks jokes any time he can even in the middle of heated combat.


While Shannon might be the frontrunner for the role he already has a heavy schedule. He just signed on for the indie project What They Had which begins shooting this spring. The Deadpool sequel is scheduled to begin shooting this summer in Vancouver.

Do you think Michael Shannon can do justice to Cable? Or do you have another actor in mind? Sound off below in the comments!