Who hasn’t wanted to just hurt someone who’s wronged you? We’ve all been there. The manga and anime classic Death Note captured the essence of that question for fans. What if you could end someone’s life by simply writing down their name in a notebook? What if you could not only do that but bring about their demise in the time and fashion of your choosing? Could you resist it? That’s the story Death Note told in what is now a decade old anime. But the story gets a revival on Netflix with a brand new live action film starring Willem Dafoe.

Watch the first trailer:

The horror movie retells the story of a teenage boy who some how gets his hands on this mysterious notebook. Not long afterwards he learns that any name written within its pages spells out death for that person. Already visible by the trailer is the setting for the movie which appears to be Seattle, Washington. Thus is the biggest production announcement since news of Willem Dafoe’s role of Ryuk.

Death Note is slated to arrive on Netflix August 25th.

What do you think, are you excited for to see this adaptation?

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