While Gal Gadot and Chris Pine bring Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor to the silver screen, DC Comics tapped writer Tim Seeley and artist Christian Duce to tell a brand new tale featuring Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor in a special one-shot story, Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1.

“Steve and Diana’s longtime friendship, despite their coming from separate worlds, is inspiring. But in this story, we’ll get a chance to see Steve come face to face with a villain from Wonder Woman’s past, who he’ll have to overcome without her help, ” says Seeley. “I’m excited to dive back into the life of Steve Trevor, and give him a new and crazy adventure of his own.”

Steve and Diana have been friends and lovers for decades. They’ve always been there for each other (except you know that time Graile kidnapped Trevor and transformed him). They’ve worked together to protect humanity. But this time Wonder Woman is missing and Steve Trevor will face an ancient foe by himself. Will he be able to survive the encounter?

Tim Seeley and Christian Duce will let you know in Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1. It hits comic book shelves on June 7th.

Oh and just as an aside it looks like Wonder Woman still has her armpits shaved even in this brand new upcoming comic book! Imagine that!

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