Coming off of the recently concluded Dark Knight Returns III: The Master Race, Frank Miller looks once again to his past for his next step into the future. This weekend, Frank Miller announced his next work Superman: Year One with artist John Romita Jr. It’s unclear whether this will be a pseudo-companion to Batman: Year One, as details still seem scarce for the title. While both he and Romita have faced their share of criticism over quality and content, they’ve made great successes for DC lately and will hopefully bring their A-game.

One of the most influential comic book writers of all time, Frank Miller famously wrote the Batman: Year One and Dark Knight Returns titles, both of which are considered among the best graphic novels of all time. While the lightning-silhouetted outline of his old, grizzled Batman is a legendary image, the fight with Superman is even more so. Spawning countless posters, figures, and an entire film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (BvS). Batman’s armored assault on Superman will remain one of the most memorable fights in comic history.

Along for the journey is John Romita Jr. A famous artist in his own right, Romita has been working overtime at DC after spending an entire career with Marvel. From a Superman run with Geoff Johns to a Dark Knight prequel with Miller, Romita has been keeping busy making his mark on some of DC’s most important pages.

Many continue to debate and complain about the quality of his work but it’s clear he’s committed to DC, tackling whatever projects and heroes they throw at him. His work on Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade is considered some of his best yet, so it’s no surprise he’ll join Miller for this new and intriguing adventure.


Clashing idealists to the bitter end, Dark Knight Returns pitted Superman and Batman against one another as they fought over morality and the greater good. Dirty were the hands of Krypton’s last son, but thanks to Miller’s writing, he was always relatable and even a little pathetic. Miller has always had an appreciation for Superman’s heart while managing to add a certain gravitas to the power that fuels it. His earth-shattering strength always at the forefront of Batman’s mind, an ever-present reminder to Bruce that he may have a metal shell but there’s only one Man of Steel. Watching Frank Miller explore the origins of that power should prove to be as explosive as any Superman story that came before it.