5. Batman has disappeared

While it could be a sign of inner turmoil or some major battle or conflict, the introduction that speaks of Batman’s disappearance is more easily explained by what we’ve seen from the first two trailers. Bruce has been going to great lengths to gather his team, it only makes sense that his absence would be noted during that time.

6. Themiscrya’s veil has possibly vanished

As the camera zooms into the ocean, Themiscyra, the ancestral home of Wonder Woman, appears out of nowhere. We already know about the veil from Wonder Woman, but what happens next in the trailer could mean that this wasn’t just a visual treat for the audience. As the veil disappears we are shown a Themyscira at battle-ready with a worried Hippolyta leading them. A burst of magic from a nearby motherbox leads to the arrival of Steppenwolf. His appearance could have been the cause of the veil disappearing, thus leading to a more vulnerable Themyscira.


7. Steppenwolf claims that Earth has “no lanterns…”, at last confirming their existence in the Universe

He may not have mentioned a specific color, but Steppenwolf insinuated that Earth was weaker and more exposed for not having Lanterns. Both confirming their existence and their role as guardians to their designated planet.

8. Steppenwolf is aware of Krypton, and Superman’s existence

He refers to Superman as “Kryptonian”, which confirms he has prior knowledge of the goings on of Earth and of the inhabitants of the long-dead Krypton.