19. Batman is not standing on a Gargoyle, it’s a skeleton

Upon further inspection a very striking image becomes a little creepy.

20. Flash is new to this “fighting” thing

The Flash refers to his never having “done battle”. This lets us know he’s still relatively new to crimefighting and likely doesn’t have any of the more complex powers he’s famous for. Though that may change considering “Flashpoint’s” recent announcement.

21. A falling plane with a lone Green light may represent a new member…

At 3:11 in the Justice League trailer we see a falling plane with a green light in a montage of action sequences. While not that unique, many know that Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) is a pilot in the air force. Only after the death of Abin Sur following a crash is he granted the power of the Green Lantern. So something as simple as a green light on a falling plane can become a clue to the who’s and what’s of Justice League’s many mysteries.


22. Alfred welcomes a mysterious figure, but we may know who they are…

Alfred welcomes a mysterious figure to the party at the end of the trailer. While their entire image is hidden from view a red shoulder can be seen piquing over the frame just towards the end of the scene. It’s more than likely Superman at the other end of that conversation, but Shazam’s recent shooting date announcement could mean we may see him take up arms sooner than expected.

Like any good trailer should, the level of detail hinted at can only continue to raise the hype level for DC’s first foray into superhero team-making. We may get another trailer or two in the future but considering the backlash over the BvS marketing campaign this will likely be the last to reveal any significant settings or details about the film. For answers to the many, literally burning questions we’ll just have to wait until the film’s release. Did I miss anything? Were there any other details or implications that stood out to you?