22 Things You Didn’t Notice In The JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer!

As DC fans and attendees of the legendary Hall H sat waiting, abuzz with rumors from all sides of the spectrum, DC unveiled the new trailer for this November’s Justice League. While taking time to shoot down the popular but widely scrutinized rumors, the cast of Justice League spent their time focusing on the fans in attendance. Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Mamoa and Ray Fisher delighted the crowd with not just a trailer but their charm and endearment for the fans. As they maintain the worst kept secret in film history, Henry Cavill’s notable absence was not the only eyebrow-raising detail from the presentation. The lengthy trailer was filled with major and minor implications and details revealed for the first time!

While making sure to keep out anything too obvious, or revealed in a previous trailer, here’s a list of 22 things you didn’t notice from the JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer!

1. In the “Opening Heist”, the criminals’ guns have silencers

This detail is a fairly common aspect of heists or crime-related films. The problem is their willingness to SET OFF THE ALARMS at the entrance of whatever location they seem to be robbing. Why would they care about their gunfire being heard if they were already indifferent to setting off the location’s alarms? It’ll be interesting to find out if this was an oversight or has actual meaning within the context of the story.

2. The identity of the Leader is hidden from view

As the camera stays on the exit of a large metal detector the camera follows the meaningful footsteps of someone hidden from view. The trailer hints at several mysteries throughout, but which ones will amount to important story reveals or just glorified Easter Eggs?

3. Diana at work

Despite her first feature debuting this year we have yet to see Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman working as the Antique’s Dealer she claimed to be. Now we have our first official look.

4. Superman is still dead

While it’s been obvious something would need to take place in the DC Universe for Superman to come back to life; the rocks above his grave appeared to float at the end of Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. It may not have been a sign of an off-screen resurrection, but it was a way to express that some unseen force is already at work at Superman’s actual final place. It looks like despite that happening Clark Kent remains at a well-earned, but inevitably short-lived rest.

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