Valiant Entertainment and Sony Pictures might land Suicide Squad actor Jared Leto for their upcoming Bloodshot film. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Sony Pictures is courting the actor.

In fact, Leto already has the offer on the table to play the titular character, but negotiations for the part have not yet begun.

If the deal does go through, Leto would take on the role of Bloodshot an enhanced former mobster who is nigh unkillable due to the microscopic nanites running through his bloodstream. The nanites, which are microscopic computers, grant him enhanced regeneration properties as well as prolong his lifespan.

In the current run of Valiant Comics, Bloodshot was a brainwashed operative for the devious arms contractor and covert mission specialists, Project Rising Spirit. However, he discovers that Project Rising Spirit implanted fake memories into his brain in order to manipulate and control him. Upon finding out he turns on his would be controllers.

The upcoming film project looks to follow the original Bloodshot comics which saw mob hitman Angelo Mortalli become a test subject to Project Rising Spirit after he is sold out by the Carboni crime family. Project Rising Spirit then wipes out his memories and turns him into an unstoppable killing machine. He must struggle to rediscover who he is while fighting the mob and the police.

The film is being described as a Frankenstein thriller.

Sony Pictures tapped Dave Wilson to direct the project. It is being produced by Neal H. Mortiz and Toby Jaffe with Jason Kothari and Dinesh Shamdasasni of Valiant executive producing.

This film will be part of Sony Pictures and Valiant Entertainment’s upcoming Valiant film universe. Other projects announced include Harbinger, Shadowman, and Archer & Armstrong. They have also a Woody and Quantum television project in the works.

Jared Leto previously starred as the Joker in Warner Bros. Suicide Squad. His next movie will be alongside Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 2049.

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