As a superhero who isn’t particularly “super,” Batman’s had to compensate for this vulnerability with everything from his intellect to his resourcefulness. As the greatest Detective on Earth he’s more than prepared for any danger thanks to his seemingly infinite collection of gadgets. From the camp to the cool, Batman has wielded an innumerable amount of tools against his foes. Some have been ridiculously cheesy; some have been be amazingly cool. What sets the best apart is their continued use and appearance throughout the many faces and iterations of Batman. As he has evolved over the years so have the tools of the trade, but the truly memorable will be tied into the mythos forever. These are Batman’s 21 Greatest Gadgets of all time.

21. Shark Repellent Spray

Is this you? Have you ever been innocently laddering above the ocean only to be attacked by a large shark? Well Batman’s patented Shark Repellent Spray is just for you. Possibly the most ridiculed of all his inventions, the spray most famously kept Adam West’s Batman from being bitten one too many times. While not the most flashy or useful or beneficial of his tools it’s an undeniably hilarious addition to the Bat-Armory.

20. Fingerprint Bullet Ballistics Test

Though praised as the most realistic Batman film of all, The Dark Knight still manages to venture into the ridiculous. In the 2nd Act, Batman takes a ballistics test from a shattered bullet by comparing it to a similar bullet shot into a similar piece of brick. From here he’s able to see how the bullet would shatter and thus compiles a 3D image of the fragmented bullet so he can take a fingerprint. While this may sound technologically plausible, in reality it’s as comical as the repellent spray. But thanks to Christopher Nolan’s straightforward and realistic approach we’re led to believe this is just another sample of extreme BatCave science.

19. Napalm

While not among the more famous of his gadgets, napalm is certainly one of the most memorable tools of Michael Keaton’s Batman. Used against Catwoman, the napalm seems surprisingly violent and dangerous for the Dark Knight until one remembers the brutality with which Keaton’s Batman protected Gotham.

18. The Whirly Bat

Undoubtedly the most ridiculous of Batman’s vehicles, the Whirly Bat is one of the most frequently used gadgets in Batman’s arsenal. Most writers may include it sarcastically, but no one can deny the fear a bicycle-copter riding Batman would instill in Gotham City’s criminal underworld.

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