17. The Cowl

Keeping his identity a secret is just one of the several uses for Batman’s cowl. While it can house many tools and gadgets, it also serves as one. In The Dark Knight Batman’s cowl is electrified, shocking a Joker minion. In Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice it houses his voice modifier. The most interesting and debatable aspect may be length of the ears but the cowl ultimately remains a useful part of Batman’s outfit.

16. Vibra-Bullet

Created by Grant Morrison in the JLA: Tower of Babel story, the vibra-bullet is one of Batman’s fool-proof plans to take down the Justice League’s resident speedster. If successfully shot into the Flash’s spine the bullet would cause multiple seizures at light speed.

15. Flammable Nanites

Taken from Morrison’s JLA: Tower of Babel as well, Batman’s ultimate answer to Martian Manhunter’s battle prowess are small nanites. These nanites convert Manhunters’ skin into magnesium which bursts into fire when exposed to the air. While it may be more of a concoction than a gadget the technologically advanced asset is undoubtedly awesome and remarkably cruel.

14. Kryptonite Gloves

Frank Miller’s sequel to The Dark Knight Returns may be controversial, but Strikes Again has some undeniably awesome moments. Set shortly after its’ predecessor The Dark Knight Strikes Again is a further exploration of this DC Universe as the elder Batman reunites a retired Justice League. The book has glimpses of greatness, but fails to deliver a cohesive story. Batman pummeling Superman with Kryptonite Boxing gloves remains one of the more memorable panels of the infamous story.

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