9. The Exo-Suits

With too many to count Batman’s many exo-suits could probably put Tony Stark’s closet to shame. Though the most famous version would be the Dark Knight Returns or Batman Beyond suits, The Hellsuit created by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason in the pages of Batman and Robin epitomizes the terrifying visuals that should come to mind when one pictures an armored Batman.

8. Sticky Gun (Bombs, Trackers)

As used in the extraction of Chinese accountant Mr. Lao, the sticky bomb gun makes an explosive debut that begins one of the best action sequences in any Batman film. Not always taking the same shape or size, a similar gun is used to shoot trackers onto fleeing vehicles or criminals. Batman usually avoids guns but the effectiveness of the sticky gun’s multiple uses is undeniable.

7. Projectile Gauntlets

Batman’s gauntlets can range from glorified gloves to the the versatile and deadly weapon as depicted in The Dark Knight. As a last resort Batman is able to shoot the spikes into the Joker just before swiftly ending their battle. Having already saved Bruce and Ra’s Al Ghul from falling off a snow-ridden cliff face, the spiked gauntlets prove themselves to be a vital section of the nocturnal knight’s suit of armor.

6. EMP(s)

The EMP (electromagnetic pulse) is meant to nullify and disrupt any electronics within its’ range. As a versatile weapon-maker, Batman has EMP guns, remotes, and grenades at the ready. Incredibly effective against almost any device, Bruce uses the EMP to stop anything electric like vehicles, powered suits, and paparazzi cameras.

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