If the new trailer for Star Trek: Discovery didn’t catch your eye, new concept art was revealed at the Star Trek: Discovery gallery event outside Comic Con over the weekend. The art, including designs for the USS Discovery and the USS Shenzhou, which is the ship captained by Philippa Georgiou played by Michelle Yeoh was a point of debate for fans.

Check out the art below for the USS Discovery!


The concept art (below) was debuted right outside of the San Diego Comic-Con event for hungry fans. Other designs include Klingon ships, strange objects that look like Egyptian sarcophagi, and the interior of a ship.

One thing that struck my eyes was how the designs of the USS Discovery and USS Shenzhou felt like something between Captain Archer’s Enterprise, the NX-01, and Captain Kirk’s Enterprise A from the Original Series. This makes sense because the setting of the show is placed a decade before Kirk took the helm of the Enterprise.

This weekend has been quite eventful for a show that is still weeks from premiering, but the hype feels real. As a longtime fan, I was mulling over whether or not I was willing to take the dive and get another streaming service, but Star Trek: Discovery at least has me willing to give it a shot. We’ve been waiting for over 13 years for another Star Trek television show, so I hope that it’s worth the wait.

Star Trek: Discovery is set about ten years before the original five-year mission of the Enterprise of the Original Series. The cast includes Jason Isaccs, Rainn Wilson, James Frain and Michelle Yeoh. Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtman stepped in as creators. The show follows the growing pains of Starfleet as their captains set out for missions of discovery and exploration in the hostile galaxy. Though the series will premiere over 26 years after the death of Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry, we are expecting to see the same ideals, hope, and awe of exploration that made Star Trek a fan favorite.

For some more concept art just take a look below and enjoy. Tell us what you think, are you excited about the latest Star Trek series? Star Trek: Discovery premieres Sept. 24, 2017.


Starfleet Duty Uniform, Medical Division

Klingon mek'leth

Starfleet Communicator

Starfleet Hand Phaser

Starfleet Phaser-Rifle

Starfleet TricorderStarfleet UniformsPeriscope Klingon Bridge Officer HelmetStarfleet Tactical Jumpsuit & Vest





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