In science fiction, some of the most iconic characters end up being the ships themselves. This is most notable in franchises such as Star Trek. When you think of these types of shows, games, and movies you cannot help but see the ships as cast members in their own right. They play such an important role. In most cases they are the environment or setting for the series. They become the world in which the cast lives. Here is a countdown of my top 15 most iconic space ships ever!

15. Lexx

What can you say, it looks like a massive dragonfly that has the power to destroy entire planets. It’s an example of the idea of marrying biology with technology. It’s beautiful design just catches the viewer’s imagination. In the television show, the Lexx itself is alive and houses the vast majority of the conflict that drives the television show.

14. CSO-class Supercarrier (Halo)

The CSO-class Supercarrier from Halo is one of the most fear inducing sights in the universe. Not only does its size of 95,000 plus feet fill your view, but its reputation for destruction is well earned. When dealing with what is thought to be an advanced alien technology the supercarrier hits a few home runs. Not only does it just have the smooth advanced look one would expect from a technologically superior race, but the color demands notice. The capital ship of the Covenant doesn’t hide, it wants to be seen.

13. Earth Force Starfury (Babylon 5)

The Star Fury isn’t large, but compared to many other fighter style ships in sci fi, it’s by far one of the most realistic ones out there. It’s small, but an important part of the Earth Force fleet in the Babylon 5 universe. Though it may fall short with other ships of its kind from other factions, its design feels the most human and genuine. In a hundred years I can see something like this in orbit, and that’s why the Starfury made the list.

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