12. Spacing Guild’s Heighliner (Dune)

Dune, not only is the book massive, but the ships used for FTL (Faster than Light) travel share that feature as well. With the ability to transport thousands upon thousands of passengers, its profile as seen in 1984’s Dune, and the subsequent Sci Fi channel miniseries is unmistakable. The design of the ship is basic and that is what makes it memorable. Now add in the idea of a Navigator, the Holtzman drive employed by the ship speaks to the imagination of a possible future of a greater symbiotic relationship between man and machine. Without one, the other cannot work.

11. ISA Destroyer Class  (Babylon 5)

Another capital ship, from another universe. The ISA Destroyer Class is one of the few ships that I can remember off the top of my head that was a joint venture by worlds who were at war in the past. Not only does it fit the scale of a capital ship, but its main cannon used technology from a third species even more advanced than the Humans and Minbari. Though only two ships were built, they had a lasting impact in the Babylon 5 universe.

10. Battlestar Galactica (BS-75, 2003 remake)

Galactica is a legendary vessel, so much so it commanded two television shows decades apart. The look of the ship in the 2003 remake is much more inclined with a modern day aircraft carrier sailing the seas. It’s armaments also try to tie in some realism with a complement of flak guns to defend against missiles, light guns, and anti-ship guns used to take down similar sized ships. The Galactica was also the guardian of some of the few remaining humans in the universe, such a response makes for good conflict.