The IRS Comes Calling

The Joker has run out of money. He’s spent it all on his latest ejection seat in order to escape Batman. And the cost for the seat was worth it. He’s able to escape Batman and his partner Batgirl. Unfortunately, Joker is so broke he couldn’t afford one for Harley Quinn.

Joker escapes, but Harley Quinn is captured. Upon returning to his rundown apartment, Joker receives a letter. The letter reads, ‘Dear sir, we regret to inform you the passing of Mr. Edward a.k.a King Barlowe.’ This is some of the best news the Joker has heard, “There’s good news, I hated him.” But the news gets even better. The letter continues, “Who in accordance with his last wishes has bequeathed to you the total of $250 million dollars.”

The Joker is ecstatic, “We are going to spend, spend, spend. I know just what we will buy first.”

The Joker buys his innocence and expunges his criminal record. He then goes on a spending spree buying his heart’s desire.

However, Perry from the Internal Revenue Service shows up and warmly informs Joker, “I’m from the Internal Revenue Service…you must realize as Mr. Barlowe’s sole beneficiary, you owe us a tidy bit of inheritance tax. Now $250 million minus Uncle Sam’s current stated federal percentages. This should clear up your account.” Perry then shows Joker that he owes the IRS $137 million!

The Joker begins collecting his millions exclaiming, “If I don’t pay up, I will go to jail for tax evasion. I’m crazy enough to take on Batman, but the IRS… NO THANK YOU!”

Even the Joker is afraid of the IRS! Now that’s funny!

This joke first appeared in Joker’s Millions and was adapted by Bruce Timm in The New Adventures of Batman.


The New Batman Adventures Episode 7- Joker's… by HalobiumGMS

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