For fans, the San Diego Comic-Con is a magical place where you can get the chance to brush shoulders with folks who play, create, and work on the heroes who shaped your life.

Comic Con

And when you’re a small child, that experience is even more profound.

It sometimes gets lost in the noise that permeates our content hungry screens, that the actors who play our beloved heroes at times take it upon themselves to live up to the standard set forth by their titanic characters.

The latest example of an actor taking on the role of their larger than life personality was Gal Gadot when she greeted one excited young fan who couldn’t wait to meet Wonder Woman!  Take a look at the exchange below!

Donning the battle armor of her hero, Wonder Woman, the young girl breaks down in front of the actress, who attempts to console her. Justice League co-star, Ben Affleck a father himself, looks on in awe of the interaction. The Flash, Ezra Miller, tells the youngster, “You’re a warrior.”

The little girl then wipes her tears and thanks the team for being there.

Wonder Woman and Little Warrior

Many of us find comfort in the stories we read, the exploits of our favorite heroes, and the epic battles they fight to protect the world. We take to heart what happens to our heroes, that’s why many people are as passionate about them as we are.

The way it affects us internally cannot be better described than in this interaction between Gadot and the little warrior. On the inside, we’re all still that child with large eyes seeing a new and terrifying world. Though our bodies grow, age, and collect their battle scars, we live life with these figures who live inside comic books.

They are our new mythos, our Hercules, Achilles, and 300 Spartans. They are what we draw inspiration from today. They are also a means for us to draw in what we need in any given situation.

And over the weekend one lucky youngster got to hold the hands of a hero. What a fantastic moment!

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