Valiant is upping their game when it comes to contests. In their latest contest promoting their upcoming Bloodshot Salvation series, they are challenging readers to count up all of the kills that Bloodshot has ever committed since his return in 2012.

Here are the simple rules you need to follow:

1) Estimate your total of Bloodshot’s definitive on-panel kills between BLOODSHOT #1 (2012) and across all Valiant titles released by August 1st, 2017. Make as many guesses as you want, or scour through your back issues and collections for a more accurate number!

2) Post your estimate to the official Valiant Twitter account using the hashtag #BLOODSHOTBODYCOUNT between now and August 23rd, 2017.

3) Participants with the winning number will have their name printed in the BLOODSHOT SALVATION #1 RAMPAGE REDUX!

4) Valiant will randomly pick one participant with the winning number for the grand prize: A Bloodshot Salvation prize pack and BLOODSHOT SALVATION #1 GOLD EDITION!

5) Valiant will then randomly pick five other participants with the winning number for the second prize: A BLOODSHOT SALVATION #1 GOLD EDITION!

Bloodshot Salvation #1 Body Count Contest

Valiant will reveal the winners in the “Bloodshot’s Body Count” bonus feature which is available in the Bloodshot Salvation #1 Rampage Redux edition. This will be a free, limited edition full-length comic book. It comes polybagged alongside the Bloodshot Salvation #1 Pre-Order Edition.

There is a catch. The Bloodshot Salvation #1 Rampage Redux edition is only available as a pre-order exclusive. However, it will provide bonus features such as “Top-Secret Mission Reports,” “The Biology of Bloodshot,” and “The Complete History of Bloodshot.” Along with these bonus features it will also include a full-length black and white version of Bloodshot Salvation #1 by artists Lewis LaRosa and Mico Suayan.

Along with this fun back issue contest, Valiant is also offering a Bloodshot Salvation #1-12 Pre-Order Edition Bundle. This Pre-Order edition includes all twelve issues. But each of them will be extended to 40 pages. The eight extra pages per issue will include creator commentary, behind-the-scenes at the creation of the comic, character design process, and more. For every Bloodshot Salvation #1-12 Pre-Order Edition Bundle you will also get the Bloodshot Salvation #1 Rampage Redux edition.

Bloodshot Salvation #1 will tell a gripping story where Bloodshot will go on a mission of revenge after his true love Magic and his newborn daughter Jessie are drug back into the world of violence and bloodshed that created him. Scribe Jeff Lemire aims to tell the darkest, most vicious Bloodshot story yet.

Sounds pretty simple to me. How many kills do you think the nanite-enhanced Bloodshot has racked up?

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