Warframe, the free-to-play third person shooter video game, will be heading to the comics world this October courtesy of Top Cow and Image Comics.

The original video game developed by Digital Extremes places players in control of the Tenno, an ancient race of warriors recently awoken from cryosleep. The Tenno find themselves at war with a multitude of factions including the Grineer, a race of militarized and deteriorating human clones, the Corpus, a mega-corporation focusing on robotics and laser tech, and the Infested, individuals who have been infected by the Technocyte disease.

The Tenno are actually human children granted unbelievable powers by the Void. One of those powers includes the ability to use Warframes, biomechanical suits that allow them to channel their abilities. The suits are actually biomechanical shells connected to the consciousness of the Tenno.

The aptly titled Warframe series will be written by Top Cow President Matt Hawkins annd Ryan Cady. Joining them will be digital art production studio Studio Hive.

Warframe #1

The series takes place in the distant future where humanity’s descendants fight to survive. Many of the inhabitants in the galaxy fight over ancient technology and long-forgotten secrets. Only a group of powerful warriors called the Tenno fight to maintain peace and ensure that the ancient technology of the long-dead Orokin do not fall into the wrong hands.

However, one ancient technological artifact lost on Earth is on the verge of being discovered by a faction of enhanced Grineer soldiers led by the tactician Captain Vor. The only people standing in Captain Vor’s way are a lone Tenno warrior and a blind girl.

Warframe #1 hits comic book shelves on Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

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