DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 is shaping up to be its best yet! Not only will they be introducing the Time Bureau led by former Legend Rip Hunter, but they will also be bringing back a resurrected Damien Darhk. Joining Darhk on the villain side will be Gorilla Grodd along with newcomer from The CW Seed’s the Kuasa. They are also pursuing Matt Ryan to reprise his role as Constantine.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Phil Klemmer spoke to IGN about the upcoming season, “At the head of whatever you want to call our evil organization, it’s different. Last year it was three characters from the three different shows that form this alliance. This is a non-human entity.” He continued, “This is a much more supernatural, spooky vibe this season. We’re dealing more with magic. It’s less real-world bad guys.”

He then went on to say Season 3 will “be more in the world of occult and monsters.”

While Klemmer did not reveal who the non-human entity big bad will be, he did talk about the large role Damien Darhk will play.

“Damian Darhk is going to be the leader of this group in the way Thawne was sort of the boss last year for the Legion of Doom. This group is distinctly led up by Damien.”

With Darhk’s apparent ressurection and the fact that the show will be more focused on the occult and monsters as well as dealing with magic, it would make sense to bring Constantine into the season. He is the only DC Comics hero currently active in the Arrowverse that has experience dealing with such matters.

Phil Klemmer agrees. IGN reports, “Klemmer confirms they’re still actively campaigning for Matt Ryan’s Constantine to appear on Legends of Tomorrow.”

Constantine originally appeared as its own series debuting in October of 2014. However, after 13 episodes it was cancelled by NBC. Despite being cancelled, lead actor Matt Ryan returned to the role on the fourth season of Arrow.

While on Arrow, Constantine played a key role in Sara Lance’s resurrection. He performed the ritual that allowed Team Arrow to rescue her soul from the Lazarus Pit. This would make at least one member of the team aware of John Constantine. Another possible tie-in could be Damien Darhk’s return in Legends’ Season 3. Constantine warned Oliver Queen about Damien Darhk even going so far as telling him to flee town. Maybe John Constantine knew the true evil of Damien Darhk that we will see in Season 3 of Legends.

However, the last we actually heard of John Constantine was all the way back in May of 2016. Constantine tips off Oliver to Esrin Fortuna, who teaches him how to defend against Damien Darhk’s magic.

Hopefully, Legends of Tomorrow can bring in Matt Ryan and we can see Constantine once again return to our television sets!

Klemmer and fans have reason to be optimistic. Matt Ryan will return to the character for a CW Seed animated series. Much like their other animated shows Vixen and The Ray, it is expected to be 5 or 6 episodes in length with each episode running 10 minutes.

Do you want to see Constantine appear on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?