Shazam Director David Sandberg Reveals The Movie’s Perfect Draft Script!

Newly confirmed Shazam director David F. Sandberg had a little fun on Twitter over the weekend when he revealed the “latest draft” for Shazam.

Sandberg described the latest draft as “perfect.” And once you read it you will quickly understand why!

Be warned there is some strong language.


A blue and red blur zooms past in the sky.

Billy Batson: Holy moley, what’s that?

The blue and red blur zooms down and lands with a KRAKOW on the ground. It’s Superman!

Billy Batson (cont’d): Oh is dis bitch. Hold my beet Tawny.

Billy hands his beer to the dapper tiger standing next to him.

Tawky Tawny: Meow?

Billy Batson: SHAZAM!

A deafening thunder as lightning hits Billy and turns him into the world’s mightiest mortal,, Shazam!

Shazam: Back for another whoopin’ huh?

Superman: Uh oh!

Superman quickly pts on a pair of glasses like a bitch.

Shazam: Hey, where did he go? Excuse me Mr. Kent, did you see where Superman went?

Superman: Sorry no, Wait, does your suit have a hood on it?

Shazam: I don’t know. Does it?

Shazam turns around so Superman can have a closer look. Superman kicks Shazam in the back like a coward.

Superman (twirls mustache): Nyeh he he he!

As one can expect, fans were in love with the script. They especially loved the carefulness with Shazam’s name.

Others just loved Sandberg’s troll in general!

Unfortunately, some people didn’t get the joke at all.

I do hope they actually make this scene and put it in the Blu-ray extras as a blooper or something. It would be fantastic to see!

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