Actor Chris Evans who portrays Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe took over a comic book shop. He transformed the comic shop into the ultimate Captain America themed escape room. There are Hydra agents, secret lairs, and even a hidden radio, not to mention Chris Evans!

The escape room starts off with Chris Evans communicating to unsuspecting shoppers through a Captain America toy. He then sends them on multiple missions in order to access and infiltrate a secret Hydra base.

They first have to acquire their hero costume, but in order to do so they must face the danger of hissing snakes. Once they’ve gotten past the snakes, they must ingratiate themselves with a Hydra agent to acquire a flashlight and a secret Hydra token. The Hydra token unlocks the Hydra base. Once they’ve been equipped by the Hydra agent, they must find the entrance to the Hydra base. After they’ve located it they must place the Hydra token in order to unlock it. Then they must enter the Hydra base and face down who knows what!

You’ll laugh your butt off at everyone’s reactions and secretly wish you were able to help Captain America on this mission against Hydra!


Evans teamed up with Omaze for this awesome prank to help support Christopher’s Haven.

Christopher’s Haven offers housing and a recreation area for children and their families who are receiving cancer treatment at nearby Boston hospitals. The apartments are located across the street from Massachusetts General Hospital and have been used by over 300 families already!

Christopher’s Haven also offers programming for patients and their family. It can include massage therapy, pet therapy, arts and crafts, movie nights, birthday and holiday parties, bell-ringing ceremonies, and outings to sports events and local attractions.