Ryan Reynolds, the living embodiment of Deadpool, is at it again. His antics make him the social media hero we all need.

Between his busy film schedule, home life, and active social media life it’s a wonder how he gets so much done. But if you pay any attention to his antics on social media you know the actor gets a kick out of having some fun with fans and fellow actors alike.

Ryan Reynolds

His latest target was Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland.

He posted from the Deadpool 2 film set in Vancouver, British Columbia with a photo of members of the Vancouver Police department saying:

Thank you . And the great people of Vancouver for putting up with road closures and traffic delays as we film Spider-Man downtown.

Check it out below!

He tagged both Holland’s Twitter account as well as the Vancouver Police’s Twitter account. He placed the blame directly on Holland for all the road closures. It’s something Deadpool would do to try and win over the hard-working folks of Vancouver.

However, the tweet also stirs up rumors of a potential Spider-Man connection with Deadpool. One of the biggest rumors involves Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben showing up in the first teaser video promoting Deadpool 2.

This isn’t the first time that the Deadpool star has used Twitter to go after fellow actors.

One of his favorite targets in the past has been Hugh Jackman.

It’s even better when his targets reply back:

While it comes as no real surprise to anyone, it’s always entertaining to watch Ryan Reynolds at work. He puts in a lot of energy trolling some of our favorite actors. Between that and giving fans the latest update on his work, his twitter account is a gold mine of fun and entertainment.