In Adam West’s last appearance as Batman, he faces off against an old foe, Two-Face, voiced by Star Trek veteran William Shatner in Batman vs. Two-Face. Joining West and Shatner is Burt Ward as Robin.

This animated feature gives us our fist look at Two-Face in the 1960s Batman universe. ABC and 20th Century Fox previously did not include Two-Face in the show because they believed he didn’t have the campy factor they wanted.

The trailer starts off with Doctor Hugo Strange using what he calls an “Evil Extractor” machine. A bevy of Batman’s villains are tied up and placed in the machine including Joker, Penguin, and Riddler among others. The experiment goes horribly wrong, and Harvey Dent is hit with a huge explosion of toxic evil.

The trailer then switches to an array of shots with Harvey Dent getting the upper hand on Batman and Robin as well as Catwoman. Then we get a few shots of Two-Face’s criminal rampage where appears to rob a bank and take over an airport hangar.

William Shatner’s voice as Two-Face might go down as iconic. I loved when he said, “Get the lead out, or I’ll put lead in.” As he draws two revolvers and points them right at the camera. Talk about intimidating!

The trailer comes full circle at the end as Robin finds himself tied up and at the mercy of Hugo Strange and his evil extractor device!


Screenrant reports Batman vs Two-Face will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on October 17th. It’s quite possible a digital release will come earlier as is standard industry protocol.