Brie Larson sat down with USA Today to talk about her upcoming role as Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel. During the interview, she opened up on which Avenger she wants to duke it out with.

I do kind of have fantasies of battling The Hulk, just because that’s, like, it’s just visually so good.

The Hulk

Going from an Oscar winning actress to a Marvel superhero is a major change of course. Larson also spoke about how her reasoning behind taking up the mantle of an iconic comic book hero.

The Captain Marvel thing was something I really spent a lot of time thinking about. And eventually I came to the conclusion that being part of a giant feminist film that can be a symbol for people, that was one I wished I would have had, just outweighs some of the small annoyances (of fame). Like, they’re really small in comparison to the good that it can do.

Marvel Studios president and the man behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe Kevin Feige described Captain Marvel:

“She will be by far the most powerful character we’ve ever introduced in the movie.”

Given the fact that the big boss is already stating this, would the Hulk even stand a chance against Captain Marvel? We’ve seen him beat down a God in Loki, and it appears he will be taking on his brother, Thor, in Thor: Ragnarok, but Captain Marvel is on a whole different level. Would you like to see this match up? If so, who do you think would have the upper hand?

Larson has a great deal going on outside the superhero business. She spoke about her directorial debut in Unicorn Store.  She described it is as “a discourse on silliness.”

[Unicorn Store is about] a young woman who wants to be an artist, but the (messy, childlike) way that she makes art doesn’t really fit anywhere. [After getting kicked out of art school] she ends up back at home and is trying to be a normal person with a regular job and receives a mysterious invitation that leads her down a rabbit hole.

Brie Larson as Captian Marvel

Sounds a bit odd. Larson goes on to explain that after working in a few heavy dramas, she needed a break from the genre.

I’ve had a really nice run with drama, but I wanted to do something that would inspire me and restore my faith and allow me to laugh on set all day.

Captain Marvel will be directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. It is set to release on March 8, 2019.