Riz Ahmed might be taking a journey that takes him from a galaxy far far away to the Big Apple.

It’s being reported that the Rouge One: A Star Wars Story star is currently negotiating terms to join Sony’s Venom film. This will be Sony’s first attempt to create a spin off in the shared universe based on Spider-Man characters.

Riz Ahmed

The potential role that he is in talks to fill is under tight lock and key. As of right now, there is no official word on who or what it might be. There have been rumors that he might take on the role of the film’s villain, Carnage. Sony has confirmed it is currently searching for actors to fill the role.

Sony has already cast Tom Hardy to be the lead in their upcoming Venom film. He will play, according to comic book lore, a photographer named Eddie Brock. The Venom symbiote chose Eddie as its earthly host. According to the comics, he is both a major enemy of Spider-Man and a type of antihero who protects the innocent.

Carnage vs Venom

Thanks to Spider-Man: Homecoming’s success and Sony’s collaboration with Marvel Studios, Sony is eager to launch more films based on the neighborhood Spider-Man’s part of the Marvel Universe including one featuring Black Cat and Silver Sable. Incidentally, the collaborative project between Sony and Marvel has grossed more than 675 million in global box office receipts. With more to come as the movie is released on DVD and streaming services in the near future.

With a career spanning over twelve years, Riz Ahmed has some notable acting credits under his belt. They include Four Lions, Jason Bourne, and Nightcrawler. Furthermore, bringing on board Ahmed to join Tom Hardy  shows that Sony means business in hiring top tier talent for their comic book movie projects.

Riz Ahmed

The film will be directed by Zombieland’s Ruben Fleisher. It will be Sony’s first in a series of films revolving around characters from the Spider-Man universe.

The Venom film is expected to release on Oct. 5, 2018.

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