Felicity Smoak might finally get her own company in the upcoming Season 6 of Arrow. Emily Bett Rickards’ Smoak has been the head of Queen Consolidated as well as Palmer Technologies, but it now appears she will start up her own tech company.  It’s a story line the writers of Arrow have been kicking around for some time, but it got backbenched last season with the Helix story.

Marc Guggenheim

According to Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim, that story arc is getting a second look this season:

That was something we wanted to do last year, and then we got sort of seduced by the Helix storyline. I would say that people wanting that storyline will be happy, but for reasons that I think will be very obvious, it can’t be called Smoak Technologies. And all those clever readers who are like, ‘That’s because she’ll be changing her last name to Queen,’ it’s not Queen Technologies, either.

You might remember. In the first season of Legends of Tomorrow, the name Smoak Technologies came up. When the Legends went to a fuure version of Star City, they found John Diggle Jr. as the Green Arrow. In that future, Felicity had changed the name of Palmer Technologies to Smoak Technologies, which previously had been Queen Consolidated.

Smoak Technologies

That’s the great thing about Legends of Tomorrow, the future in many ways is pretty fluid. So the birth of Smoak Technologies might be destiny. However, it doesn’t mean it needs to rise from the ashes of Queen Consolidated. There are many avenues in which her company might take to come to life, and it seems that this season of Arrow will go on to explore this in better detail.

What will Felicity Smoak starting up her own company do to the dynamic of the team? Are you excited to see her start her own company?

Arrow Season 6 premieres on Thursday, October 12th.