The first pieces of concept art for the Judge Dredd: Mega-City One television show look absolutely stunning. It might be only two images, but it captures the unique nature of Mega-City One and how the city is its own character.

IGN got their hands on the first two images being dubbed “Democracy March” and “Lowlife Arrival.”

“Democracy March” gives us a sweeping look from above. We can see the Statue of Liberty in the background, numerous overpasses with tons of vehicles moving around. We also get some very fancy, almost sleek buildings. It appears this might be a more affluent part of Mega-City One.

Democracy March

“Democracy March” could be referencing a potential storyline Judge Dredd: Mega-City One will cover. It’s the most famous storyline titled “America.” It also happens to be Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner’s favorite one. The storyline focused on two young people, Bennett Beeny and America Jara, and their drastically different experiences with the Justice Department in Mega-City One. Bennett goes on to become a famous singer and comedian while America becomes a Democracy movement activist and eventually a terrorist.

The second image “Lowlife Arrival” gives us a very different view of the city. One that is dark and undesirable. You can almost see the motion in the foreground as a bunch of people try to scurry away from the incoming Judges on their motorcycles. Instead of the sleek, bright high rises of Democracy March, we get a look at a dark, grungy slum in Mega-City One.

Lowlife Arrival

The title of this image could be referencing another 2000 AD story created by Rob Williams and Henry Flint titled “Low Life.” This story focuses on undercover judges and their work in the undesirable areas of Mega-City One.

These two images and their potential connection to non-Judge Dredd related stories could confirm producer Jason Kingsley’s promise to create “multi-thread storylines, one of which will be Dredd’s but others which take us into the wider world of Mega-City One.”

These images also come off the news that Judge Dredd: Mega-City One is courting Karl Urban to reprise his role as Judge Dredd. While the show is not attached to a network yet, hopefully these new images and the possibility of bringing in Urban will spark enough interest to get a network to back the project!

We need Judge Dredd. He is the law after all.

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