Funko announced over the weekend that they are releasing a crop of new Wonder Woman figures this fall, including Dorbz Ride and Pop! Heroes.

The single Dorbz Ride figure will feature Diana atop her trusty steed:

funko pop wonder woman

There will be several new Pop! Heroes figures including cloaked Diana, Etta Candy wielding the God-Killer and Wonder Woman’s shield, and Themysicra’s best warrior Antiope:

funko pop wonder woman

There will also be one Hot Topic exclusive Pop! – Diana holding an ice cream cone:

funko pop wonder woman

The Dorbz Ride figure will be available in November, while the Pop! Heroes figures will roll out in December. In the meantime, fans of Wonder Woman and Funko can check out the many other Wonder Woman figures currently available.

Do you collect Funko figures? Will you be adding any Wonder Woman figures to your collection? Share your comments below!

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