Frank Miller announced at San Diego Comic-Con that he would be working on a new project examining Superman in Superman: Year One. Along with the announcement of the project, Miller revealed he would be working with John Romita Jr.

Over the weekend at Boston Comic Con, Romita Jr. corrected some rumors about the project.

I’ve seen the reactions online about, ‘Oh, my God, here we go, another Superman origin,’ and it’s not really the origin retelling. I’ve seen the reactions online about, ‘Oh, my God, here we go, another Superman origin,’ and it’s not really the origin retelling.

Romita goes on to describe the overall plot idea:

 This slight slant on the development of Superman is that he’s really unconscious that he’s an alien ’til his parents tell him that he’s an alien. In the meantime, he just thinks he’s special. And he doesn’t appear in costume until the very end.

He compared this new project to his and Frank Miller’s Daredevil: Man Without Fear.

It’s similar to the Daredevil: Man Without Fear back in the ’90s, and it’s the period of time up until he puts the costume on for the first time.

Romita then went on to describe Frank Miller’s excitement and desire to work on this project:

And Frank has this twisted imagination about what should happen, and we talked about it, and [Frank’s] eyes glow. “He said he’s wanted to do this as long as he can remember, since, when did Batman: Year One come out? Was that 30 years ago? He said he always wanted to complete the cycle and do a Superman: Year One. Well, he finally got the chance to do it, and of course it’s a hundred pages and there’s a million people in it.

Romita later clarified the page count noting its not set in stone yet:

It’s gonna be a hundred pages. I don’t know if it’s gonna be 92, or 100, I don’t know. But knowing Frank, it could be 200 pages. I look forward to that more than anything, and I’m hoping it can turn out as good as I can see it in my head.

Miller and Romita Jr. last collaborated together on Miller’s Dark Knight III: The Master Race. There is no word on when Superman: Year One will be released.

Are you interested in Miller and Romita Jr.’s Superman: Year One?


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