Daniel Craig finally put all the rumors and speculation to rest when he announced on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that he would return as James Bond for the 25th James Bond film.

Before Craig made the announcement, Colbert showered him with praise calling him “the greatest Bond ever.”

Craig beamed, “Thank you very much.”

As Colbert continued to shower praise, he got to the heart of it, “You’ve been reported to have accepted the role of James Bond … People have been asking about it all day and you’ve been kind of cagey.”

Craig then continued to tease, “I think if I will speak the truth, I should speak the truth to you.”

Finally Colbert asked him, “Will you return as James Bond?” Craig replied simply, “Yes.”

Craig elaborated, “I couldn’t be happier.” He then revealed he knew he would reprise the role “for a couple of months.” Craig then elaborated, “we’ve just been trying to figure things out. But I always wanted – I needed a break.”

Colbert quickly refuted Craig’s claim from a 2015 interview where Craig said, “I’d rather slash my wrists than play James Bond again.”

Craig explained the interview, “Look, there’s no point making excuses about it. It was two days after I finished the last movie, I went straight into an interview and someone said ‘Would you do another one?’ and I went, ‘No!’ And instead of saying something with style and grace, I gave a really stupid answer.”


The 25th James Bond film will be written by Skyfall and Spectre writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. It will star Daniel Craig as Agent 007 and is scheduled for release on November 8, 2019.

Will you be watching? Are you excited to see Daniel Craig reprise the role of James Bond?

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