Image Comics will make myths a reality when writer Sean Lewis and artist Caitlin Yarsky launch their new series, Coyotes, this November.

A number of women are disappearing along the border allegedly being hunted down a by a legion of wolves. However, a group of survivors is starting to fight back and wage their own war.

Detective Frank Coffey can’t wrap his head around it as he witnesses a mythic-level bloodbath. But then he meets, Red, a little girl with a sword and a secret.

Writer Sean Lewis described why he wanted to write Coyotes and what the story is really about:

Every once in a while, my wife will read me a weird fact about women who go missing across the world. It’s always staggering. It’s always unsolved. It’s terrifying. So I wanted to go to war with that. COYOTES is about women who go missing, women who fight back, and stories we tell ourselves to get through life.

Artist Caitlin Yarsky added:

My favorite fantasy stories are the ones that help us relate to each other and our own reality, and COYOTES is all about that. As soon as I read it, I could envision the stark, gritty world and the badass women that band together to change their narrative. It’s a thrill working with Sean to create such a unique and mythic tale.

The violence that Caitlin Yarsky captures is truly horrifying. The savagery and brutality in her artwork is as clear as day. This is a brutal world where only the strong survive.

Check out her artwork:

Coyotes #1 Coyotes #1 Coyotes #1 Coyotes #1 Coyotes #1

Coyotes hits comic book shelves on Wednesday, November 8.

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