DC’s Legends of Tomorrow actor Brandon Routh gave us a glimpse of what we can expect in the upcoming Halloween episode for Legends. Routh had a photo taken of him riding inside a Deloren from Back to the Future!

As you see in his comments. He makes it very clear that the fourth episode of this upcoming season will see an 80s theme. What makes this fun is the DeLorean also works as a Time Machine, so it will be interesting to see how that might fit in that episode. The name of the episode is “Phone Home” another nod at an 80s movie, specifically E.T.

Great Scott!

If you also look at the hashtags used one does stand out #RaysMom. Ray’s mom will be played by Susie Abromeit. So far very little is none about the family dynamic, other than the Season 1 reveal of his brother’s name, Sydney. Ray theorizes Sydney ends up taking over Palmer Technologies and acquiring the A.T.O.M. Exosuit technology. He then sells the technology to the military and labels himself the founder of Palmer Technologies. It’s unclear how Ray’s mom will fit into this story or if Sydney will make an appearance. We do know that Ray heavily implied he and Sydney do not get along.

Along with #RaysMom, Brandon Routh used #Halloween. It definitely appears the Back to the Future episode will take place around Halloween or possibly be Halloween themed. Could we see Ray’s mom inspiring him to take up robotics research with a homemade trick or treat costume? Or will we travel to the movie sets of Back to the Future and E.T.?

Fans will get to see the premiere of Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Tuesday, October 10, on The CW.