Back in July, Matt Reeves spoke to The Hollywood Reporter’s Kim Master where he told her his upcoming¬†The Batman movie would be “a standalone, this isn’t part of the extended universe.”

Reeves took to Twitter to try and clarify things. However, he might have muddied the waters even more.

If you look closely, Matt Reeves does not use DC Extended Universe (DCEU) which is what Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman have all been under. Instead he uses DC Universe. It’s still unclear whether or not The Batman movie will be part of the DC Extended Universe’s timeline. Reeves does go onto mention his previous “comments from awhile back about [The Batman] not being part of the DCEU.” However, he never specifically says The Batman will take place within the DCEU. It’s quite possible,¬†the movie may be connected to the DC Universe, but not part of the DCEU given how the DC Multiverse operates within the comics.

While the four aforementioned DCEU movies all appear to take place within the same universe, it’s quite possible there are multiple universes out there. The Batman movie could take place in a different universe from the one we’ve seen in the current run of DCEU films. To add fuel to this fire, DC also revealed the upcoming Flash solo film will be called Flashpoint. In the Flashpoint comics, Barry Allen changes the past and creates a separate timeline called Flashpoint. So it’s quite possible not only could there be multiple universes, but there might also be multiple timelines within the same universe.

If the reports about the Joker origin movie are to be believed this makes perfect sense. The Joker is of course apart of the DC Universe, but since they are looking at casting someone else other than Jared Leto, it would go to reason this movie would be in another timeline or a completely different universe where the Joker would appear different. What could blow everyone’s mind is that the higher ups at Warner Bros. might even find a way to connect the Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton films into a DC Movie Multiverse!

What do you think? Do Matt Reeves’ comments clear everything up? Or do they muddy the water even further?


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