A brand new Marvel’s The Punisher teaser trailer showcases Frank Castle’s enemies and allies for the upcoming season.

The 30-second clip starts off with a look at Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s Frank Lieberman also known as Micro. In the comics, Micro is a long-time Punisher ally who helps Frank with his computer skills even going so far as to launder criminals’ money to fund Castle’s war on crime.

We then get a look at Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page. You can see what appears to be a profile next to her describing her as a journalist. There are also other documents that are redacted and covered in black ink. You can also see “Classified.”

We then get a look at Amber Rose Revah’s Dinah Madani, who appears to be a brand new character for the show.

Finally, all the files come together to form Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle.


The show still does not have a release date. It is expected to air sometime this Fall on Netflix. The trailer does keep the anticipation high by blurring out the date.

In fact, Marvel’s The Punisher account was having a little fun with fans asking for a release date.

Are you excited for The Punisher? What story lines are you hoping they reference?