A brand new deleted scene from the upcoming Wonder Woman Blu-ray release gives us potential details on the upcoming Justice League movie.

In the deleted epilogue scene titled “Etta’s Mission,” Etta Candy played by Lucy Davis returns with the rest of Steve Trevor’s team minus Trevor. Candy finds the boys back in the bar where Trevor initially recruited them.

You can tell she is full of excitement as she squeals, “This our first mission. Top Secret. The war is over, but the good fight goes on. After the bombings in Liege along the Western part of the front. The powers that be found something. It’s very old. It’s very powerful. And they want us to recover the artifact and deliver it to the Americans. We don’t want it in the wrong hands do we?”

The name of the artifact is not mentioned by name, but it is quite possible it’s a Mother Box. It is believed that the evil Steppenwolf will arrive on Earth hunting for the Mother Boxes in Justice League.

However, it could be completely unrelated to Justice League and might set the stage for a possible Wonder Woman sequel or even a standalone featuring Steve Trevor’s team.

When I watched the clip, what instantly popped in my mind was not a Mother Box, but the Helmet of Fate. The Helmet of Fate when combined with the Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny allow the wearer to become Doctor Fate, an agent of the Lords of Order and granted powers by Nabu, one of the Lords of Order born on the planet Cilia.

What do you think this very old and very powerful artifact could be?

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