Captain America is lost again! He’s once again surrounded by Waldo clones, but joining the Waldo clones are a number of pets wearing Waldo’s patented striped shirt.

Nick Fury needs you to once again rescue Captain America from this pocket dimension. Thanos is collecting the Infinity Gems and Nick Fury needs all the Avengers to assemble including Captain America!

Will you help Nick Fury and find Captain America before Thanos has all of the Infinity Gems? Nick Fury and the Avengers are counting on you to find Captain America to prevent the destruction of the universe at the hands of Thanos!

If you remember playing Where’s Waldo, it’s the same idea, except instead of finding Waldo, you have to find Captain America!

Could he be hiding inside the house? Maybe he is hanging out on the badminton court. Nick Fury needs you to find him. The fate of Captain America and the world is in your hands!

If you are having trouble spotting him, just scroll down for the answer!

Captain America Hero Hunt

Having trouble finding him? He’s right here:

Captain America Hero Hunt Answer

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Share with your friends and family and see if they can help Nick Fury rescue Captain America and stop Thanos!