A new promo for the third season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, promises history will be remade by the Waverider crew. With the conclusion of the last season, the Legends find themselves in a world where dinosaurs are roaming around. Imagine seeing them walking around the modern day the USA!

Check out the promo below:

Now that anachronisms, or animals and objects from other time periods showing up in the wrong ones, are scattered around the globe and timeline, the Legends will be up to their eyeballs in work, running all over to fix everything. This will be the main premise of the upcoming third season.

However, they won’t be alone in trying to correct the problem. They will have competition from a former ally. Rip Hunter, played by Arthur Darvill, will set up his own team called the Time Bureau to fix the anachronisms. The Time Bureau is an agency that mirrors the look and feel of the FBI. The goal of the Time Bureau is to keep history intact and preserve its best interests.

jes macallan legends of tomorrow

Jes Macallan will be join the Time Bureau as Special Agent Ava Sharp. She will be one of Rip Hunter’s new agents. Agent Shape is described as ruthless. With a broken and scattered time line, and competition nipping at their heels, the Legends of Tomorrow will have a lot on their plates this season.

Tala Ashe

Another addition to the cast will be Tala Ashe. She will play Zari Adrianna Tomaz, comic book fans might know her as Isis. Zari Adrianna Tomaz will be a Muslim superhero who is also a well-skilled hacker. She comes from a dystopian future, one which has greatly shaped her world view. This plays out well in an exchange between her and Ray Palmer, played by Brandon Routh.

The interaction pits Ray, who is guided by rules and regulations related to his science focused the mind against Tomaz’s more emotional opinions about “remaking history.” But those emotional opinion are rooted in her experiences.

Other than remaking history, the promo doesn’t give us a good look at any of the main villains this season. Though Rip Hunter is competition for the Legends crew, he isn’t evil in nature. He just has his own motivations and view on how to do the right thing.

We do know that Damien Darhk will be returning. Along with Darhk, the show will introduce CW Seed character, the Kuasa. We also know Gorilla Grodd will be making at least one appearance in the upcoming season. There is also the possibility of Constantine making an appearance!

How does this promo make you feel? Are you hyped for season three?