A brand new Star Wars Rebels Season 4 trailer just dropped from Disney and it’s got me super excited about this upcoming season.

The trailer showcases a number of connections to what we saw in Rogue One including more appearances by Saw Gerrera and even a reference to Krennic. The Saw Gerrera references highlight the difference in tactics between Mon Mothma and Gerrera. The struggle between the two sides also appears to boil within Ezra as he questions the way the Ghost crew are fighting the war.

The trailer specifically highlights this struggle when Kanan tells Ezra, “It’s not whether or not we fight.” Ezra responds, “It’s how we choose to fight that matters. I know Kanan. Maybe we are choosing the wrong way.”

One of the big highlights of the trailer is the rebellion and fight on Mandalore. We see the Empire deploying new high tech weapons that appear to be able to vaporize enemies. However, the fight on Mandalore might also conflict with the promise to help the people on Lothal.

This season will also explore the depth of Kanan and Hera’s relationship and the toll the war has taken on it.

The highlight of the trailer for me was a voice over by Hera, “We will not stand down. We will not be broken by fear. We are strong. United by our courage. Now, is our time.”


What was your favorite part?

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 premieres on Monday, October 16 on Disney XD. This will be the final season of Star Wars Rebels!

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