Going into Marvel’s The Punisher there are still a few unknown elements. The biggest unknown is the actual release date and Netflix has been toying with fans on when it will actually appear. They’ve even released a couple teaser videos with the date blocked out. However, we do know it will come out sometime in November.

**Spoilers Below**

Thanks to Twitter user Tin Pan Ali, we got a bit more meat to sink our teeth into. Two new set photos show Frank getting up close and personal with a sniper rifle and another showing him having a heart to heart with his sidekick and IT expert Micro.

Marvel and Netflix have been doing a stand up job in hyping The Punisher over the last few months. In an interview with Empire, Bernthal gives us a peek into Frank’s mind and his inner demons. He also discusses how he managed to deal with the trauma of combat in a war-zone on top of the murder of his family.

“Part of this season for Frank is [about how] he’s built this wall around his heart,” describes Bernthal. He then describes how Frank is evolving as a character, “He’s starting to care about things and people.”

That comment could hint at further development with Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page. The dynamic between Karen Page and Frank Castle was pretty important during Daredevil’s second season. It’s possible their relationship might further develop and Karen might be one of the people Frank is starting to care about. It’s possible that Karen might also be working to bring down the wall around Frank’s heart brick by brick. However, it’s possible that their relationship might actually reinforce the wall and push Frank deeper into the abyss.

These two new photos and the small spoiler regarding Micro and Frank’s heart to heart are the latest in a number of reveals from the show. Recently saw our first look at Frank in full costume. Then we got to see a teaser trailer where Frank hammers out his logo!

Are you excited for Marvel’s The Punisher? What do you hope the series will explore?


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